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Default Quick overview of cruise lines

I've gotten a lot of great suggestions of things I might like, but I don't have any experience with the lines themselves. I'm wondering if anyone could put up a general overview of the lines featuring:

Common ship size (in terms of passengers) Yes, I know lines have differing sizes, but perhaps the "usual" cruise for that line would be x,000 passengers

Food: Do they have a specialty? Are there things that might be considered higher end (prime rib, lobster, king crab, caviar) generally served or only on special nights. Quality?

Children: (lots for them to do / cruise which doesn't cater to them / not common)

Dress up: Common clothes, business casual, tuxedo night, generally dressed up?)

Shipboard activities: Probably everyone has a workout room. Anything special?

Nickles and dimes: Are they always adding to your bill / are there specials like drink packages that you can buy to save money / or do you get a lot of extras without extra bills? Laundry and internet are both of special interest to me, since they seem to be common ways to pad your bill.

Standard routes: I expect most lines cover the Caribbean and/or Mediterranean, but does the line have route(s) which aren't common?

Time in port: Leisurely / Just enough so you want to come back / So quick you weren't sure if it was worth the trouble to stop.

Cost: Not only $/night, but bang for the buck. I understand there are 4 classes, but I neither remember the class names nor know which lines fit them.



Did I miss anything important?
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