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Two years ago, in December 2010, I went on a cruise with three of my best friends. We went on the Royal Caribbean "Freedom of the Seas". We were all from Toronto Canada, and we were know as the "Canadian girls". Our first night on the cruise, we went to a spot called "the living room", and that's where I met him. He was so beautiful, not like anyone I'd ever seen before. He had a delicate face, and a goofy smile. When he came and sat down next to me, I had instant butterlfies fluttering around in my stomach. We started talking, and he told me his name was Ryan. He had a very thick accent, since he was from South Africa... he almost sounded like a mix of british and australian. Whatever the sound was, it was mesmerizing. My 3 best friends and myself all met guys that night, and we all hung out together as if we'd known each other for years. The days on the cruise progressed, and every moment as soon as I left my cabin, I was praying to run into him. Luckily enough, we always seemed to find each other. We spent most of the days just tanning together, going swimming, and exploring the cruise with our friends. The night time though, that was my most favourite part. We would dance at the disco's with everyone, and then we would sneak off to different parts of the ships to just be alone. Our second last night on the cruise, he snuck me away from everyone, and took me to the very front of the ship ( just like in Titanic) and danced with me, with absolutely no music playing. He just held me close to him, and we swayed back and forth. I kissed his cheek, and looked up at the stars, and prayed for that moment to last forever. I was so afraid of what was about to come. I knew I loved him. I knew he was the one I'd been waiting for. He walked me back to my room, kissed me goodnight, and promised that tomorrow would be the best day of our lives, since it was going to be our last together. I woke up feeling hopeful, but to my dismay his family decided to get off the ship when we docked in Mexico, but my friends and I decided to stay on. I spent the day with my best friends, but all I could think about was him. After dinner, our whole group went to watch the final show in the grande theatre together. He was holding my hand in a way that scared me, very tight, and his face looked full of nerves. We were both not sure how to feel at this point. We went to the disco one last time, and then said our final goodbyes to all our friends. My friends and myself all went off for a couple hours to spend the time we had left with the guys we met on Freedom of the seas. Me and Ryan were walking down one of the hallways, and ran into one of my friends and her guy. We sat outside his room talking for quite a while, and then realized we needed some alone time. We were making our way back down the halls, but would push each other up against the wall and kiss each other every two seconds. We couldn't resist each other. We took one last lap around the ship, and he walked me to my room. There was no guarantee that we would see each other in the morning, seeing as everyone had different times they were getting off the ship. So, this could be it. He held me for what seemed like forever, and kissed me until my lips were sore. When he walked away for the last time, I chased him and kissed him once more. When we finally said our goodbyes, I watched him leave until I couldnt see him anymore, and went into my room, and cried. I cried until I woke up. I couldn't believe the person I'd been waiting for, for so long..just slipped right through my fingers. We boarded off the ship, and went to the side of the road in Florida to wait for a taxi to bring us to the airport. As I was walking to put my suitcase down, I caught a glimpse that I could have sworn was a dream. It was him. Standing there.. waiting for a taxi as well. I ran over, and basically attacked him. I kissed him one last time, and told him that it wasn't goodbye, because we were going to see each other again. I hopped in the cab, and as we drove away John Mayer's "Free Fallin'" was playing on the radio. I listened to the song, as tears streamed down my face waving goodbye to the one person I wanted to never leave.

For 6 months straight, we skyped every day. We told each other we'd see each other soon, and that we would make it. Eventually, we both got really busy, and started losing touch. We still talked frequently ( thanks to BBM), but with him being in Africa, and me being in Canada, it got very hard.
I have a boyfriend now who I just recently moved in with. Ryan, after 7 months of no contact what so ever, told me he is going to New York this December, and asked me to come see him. I've waited two entire years to see him again, and now that I have a boyfriend I'm not sure what to do. My heart is telling me to go to New York.

Love on a cruise is very possible. You feel like your in a dream, and have escaped from reality. It's a beautiful thing.
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