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Originally Posted by cookie1207 View Post
The bean counters have once again reduced the quality and selection of dining room food on this class of Celebrity ships.

We also found the quality of service in the main dining room to be average at best.(more like a low budget cruise line).

What has happened to the excellent menu's and excellent food quality.
I was on the Summit two weeks ago and had no complaints about the service in the MDR. The food was excellent, sorry but every meal I had was excellent except for one which was only good. I have been sailing Celebrity for 20 yrs and can say that the food is not up to what it was 20 yrs. ago but is the same as it was 10yrs ago.

Even 20 yrs. ago I don't ever remember having Beef Wellington in the dining room (had it at Midnight buffets) but I had it two weeks ago on Summit. Went well with a nice sized lobster tail.

As I said, the dining room is not up to the standards of 20 yrs. ago, that you can get currently in the Specialty dining rooms such as Murano or Normandy but I'm not complaining after this cruise. My previous three cruises had been in AQ and ate in Blu so this was a pleasant surprise on this cruise.
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