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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
You have to understand that you were sailing on NCL - their motto is, "You're free to.... whatever." So you'll find everyone is alot more casual in their attire for everything.

They don't have any 'formal' nights like most of the mass market cruise lines do. If you like formal nights, then you really need to try some other cruise lines. Depending on your age and lifestyle, you might prefer a little more upscale cruise line. My personal favorite is Celebrity as it's alot nicer with MUCH better food, and is definitely more upscale without being 'stuffy'.

Ironically i will be sailing my first celebrity cruise in march its not that i LIKE having to dress formal, in my line of work i wear suits everyday....i just thought it was odd to go to a show where people were dressed so casual. To each his own, it honestly didn't offend/bother me

However, now i am excited to try the food!
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