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Default Saturday, one day closer to puppy time in Pictou!

Hope you're getting your rest this morning Rollerdonna and James. It all comes to a halt very soon as it is almost puppy time!

Of course, that a perfect excuse to have a party and open a case of wine. Notice I said case and not bottle 'cause you're probably going to need the former much more than just the latter.

Seriously, I'm sure you can't wait and the "Puppy parent puppy stumbling dance" won't last long! Of course, while it does..................................

Have got to get back to work if I'm going away for the weekend so I guess that means a second hydrocodone but you got's to do what you got's to do. I'm at minimum dosage so I've a ways and hopefully more than a few years to go before I get to the "20mg washed down with bourbon stage."

Should have already been done with "My Life in the NYPD" by James "Jimmy the Wags" Wagner but I keep putting it off finishing it. You have to have been on the job back then to really appreciate the book (which would leave today's average citizen aghast) as they'd never get away with today what they got away with back then but there again, you wouldn't have probably a quarter of your problems. I know I'm sick, but one of my favorite parts is just visualizing when they cleaned out the balcony of what used to be the venerated Fillmore with (and I mean this) real electric cattle prods. I laughed 'til the tears were rolling down my face or the time the guy in the apartment pulled out a large kitchen knife and instead of saying a word and negotiating over three days, one of the officers just nonchalantly unholstered the sidearm of back then and put six rounds right through the guy's heart. As one of the other cops remarked, "We won't have to worry about him again." Yep, sometimes it takes a really sick sense of humor.

Let's put it this way, you would have NEVER had the Wall Street protests back then! Just the thought makes me laugh out loud.

Thank God I wasn't like that but I knew more than a few who were and I knew enough lawmen who needlessly died that I don't feel guilty at all.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend wherever you are.
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