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I'm mainly looking at the Celebrity Solstice and the Golden Princess.

The ports of call are the same on both ships. I have to leave from Seattle. Both ships are going the same route.

We are a young 30s couple. I'd like to have some decent night life. Doesn't have to be extraordinary, but something.

I see Celebrity has a piano bar. Does anyone know if it is the sort where people are encouraged to sing along? Does the Golden Princess have this?

What about comedy shows? Do both ships have this?

Which ship has better food?

Also, I have heard that the ship will try and seat people of a similar demographic together in the main dining room. Is this true?

Thanks to all of you. The companies' websites aren't clear on these issues and the couple of travel agents I've met with aren't too good.

I cannot do a cruisetour. I don't have the time or money. Those are great suggestions though. When I'm a little older and have more coin (and haven't just spent it on a wedding and new home haha) I will do one of those.

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