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I never thought I would say this but I'm glad the 49ers lost today. Here is why, Jim Harbaugh called his final timeout. Then challenged the call on the field when he no longer had timeouts left. The pathetic replacement referee allowed the challenge, which Harbaugh won and so the referee gave him back his timeout.

How is that possible, he already used it. So the game continues and Jim Harbaugh does it again. He takes a timeout then challenges a second call. Again the pathetic referee allowed it. However, this time he lost the challenge and he was charged the timeout. I wonder, if he win that challenge would the referee given him back his magic timeout? So in effect the 49ers got 6 timeouts to the Vikings 3 timeouts and they still lost. I say good, Jim knew the rules when he bullied the referee into granting the timeouts. Both he and the referees are pathetic.

This same referee made three calls without stating the number of the player committing the infraction. So it was hard to tell if the call was correct and possibly challenge a bad call because you couldn't tell who did what.

Seriously however much the on strike referees are asking for they deserve. Because they are head and shoulders above the current referees. Paid them their money, these bad calls are ruining the game.
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