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When cruising on Disney for the first time, I found it hilarious to see guys pulling their carry-on luggage with a case of beer strapped onto it. (Disney allows you to bring on any alcohol you want to onboard.)

I've heard some weird ways people have to sneak booze onboard, but a colostomy bag? That's a new one on me!

I have a client who takes great pride in sneaking booze onboard and he does it by wrapping the bottle in tin foil and shaping it to look like something else. Showed me pictures and they are quite elaborate.

There are sandals that have a flask built into them (made by Reef and called the Reef Dram), but unfortunately it's only 1.5 ounces per sandal and they're not making them anymore. Now, if I could get those in 1/2 gallon size.....

But they still make a sandal called the Reef Fanning that has a bottle opener built into it.

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