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Default Five Surprises Found on Cruises

Five Surprises Found on Cruises
by Paul Motter

A gourmet cuisine dessert expertly prepared
tableside on an Azamara cruise ship

While approximately one third of Americans have now tried at least one cruise, that still means the vast majority of Americans have no idea about the real cruise experience. What if I told you there are many things that you probably never expected to find on a cruise - things that are so good you are likely to tell your friends and family, "If I had known how great it is, I would have started cruising a long, long time ago?"

That is the truth; that statistically most people who take their first cruise end up saying the experience offered far more than they ever expected. But this brings forth the somewhat illogical question from those who have not yet tried a cruise, "What surprises should I expect?" I'm going to tell you.

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