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Default Wedding next year...whats the best ship??


Ive spent some time on here (and i'll be honest other cruise forums too!) looking around but i cant find a definitive answer. Can anyone help??

My sister in law is getting married next june/july and wants to do it on a cruise. She has never cruised herself and im the only person she knows that has - so shes asked me to help plan it

BRILLIANT! No pressure!

Ive only been on one cruise myself. RCI Navigator - about 5 years what the hell so i know about weddings on cruises!!??!!

Theres going to be around 14-16 of us (again - no pressure then!). I think a Med cruise would be best due to time of year.

So i figured the first thing i needed to know is - which cruise ship is the best OVERALL???

I know they all have differences, and some are better than others at certain things - but is there one overall winner out of all of them??

Id love some help.

Thanks in advance.
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