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Default And again...

Sorry to point out the obvious but if you are in the pool for an hour chatting with other guests then it is not your chair as you are not in need of one at that moment. So you too are saving a chair until it suits you and for that hour (or two or three as 'time flies' FOR YOU) no one else who wants to sit and read and not 'hang in the pool with friends can't. So again, if everyone just used the chairs when they needed and vacated them when in the pool or drinking or chatting at the bar, everyone would have a seat when they needed it.

Originally Posted by blueh2oman View Post
I see the chair hogs on every cruise and the worst one was on RCCL Adventure out of Puerto Rico. Every chair from the pool to several rows out had towels on them by 7am and no people on them till the afternoon. I do not mind walking as long as I can get a seat somewhere in the sun and the pool area. Also a lot of times we grab a drink and go into the pool for an hour and chat with the other guests and time flies and I do not use my chair. Am i to get punished for not getting back to my chair every 10-20 minutes? I do not think so.... it is the obvious hogs who hold rows of chairs not the one of you have to worry about. Plus with the penny pinching going on with the cruise lines do you really think they will assign someone to put out tags? Don't think so!!! They should remove the rows they see in the am that have not been used for say one hour and let others sit there.
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