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Just came off the Oasis last week. No steam room, you enter the gym via the Spa. I actually do not even recall a "locker room" but most of the time the gym was very very very crowded. I don't think they took into consideration the number of passengers that would actually workout during the cruise. All the equipment is up to par but having to wait in a queue to use it is kinda wack!

I was impressed with the Oasis and not so impressed with the Oasis. As far as pool time / deck chairs; those were never in shortage. Chairs right in front of the pools - that's another story. The solarium pool is tiny, much smaller than the solarium pools on the other ships (or so it seems).

Here are some tips or things you may not have known. The comedy club only holds 50 people so if you're into comedy, reserve it online ahead of time and get there early because 5 minutes before the show they let people without reservations start filing the seats. This rule applies to all the shows on the Oasis.

The dining rooms were a huge disappointment in the layout and decor, especially if you get stuck in a back corner somewhere. Gone is the amazing multi-level dining room experience with the open center, chandelier and grand staircase where you no matter where you were seated you felt like you were in an amazing restaurant.

There is no real structure to the guest services area because there were no barriers to form a line, people kind of just stand around and formed a line anywhere they wanted.

The ship itself is gorgeous and I didn't experience it all even though we had 4 sea days. You never really feel like there are 5000+ people on the ship. Getting off and on in port is super fast!!! Faster than on smaller ships however; elevator service is suspect, especially when the elevator is in service mode because it will only go up to a certain level before it starts to go back down again and the highest floor it will reach is unknown AND different each trip. This ship has a goshdarn escalator in it!
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