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Originally Posted by iconic View Post
I'm going to put in an order for candy to take on cruise for Halloween night. Just checking to see what you might like.
Here's what I am ordering for a spooky celebration:
Specialty lollipops inluding jack-o-lanterns, wrapped up mummies, flighty bats and creepy coffins.
Gummies: gruesome brains and squishy fingers. Gummy rats, dinosaurs, and crocodiles. M&Ms black Blood rock candy crystal sticks, chocolate dum dums, jelly filled gummybears, brains.
Pimento olive candy
Gummy shot glasses
Peppermint candy shot glasses
Grand Marnier liquor filled candy
Anthon Berg chocolate liquer bottles
Along with a variety of colored candies, jelly beans, and more thats just right for serving up to cruising trick-or-treaters.
Please order:
For a Halloween Fear Factor game we should have: Real edible seasoned crickets in Salt n' Vinegar, Bacon & Cheddar Cheese, and Sour Cream & Onion seasoning. Edible crunchy worms BBQ, Cheddar Cheese or Mexican Spice Flavored. Scorpion Suckers in all 4 flavors, Blueberry, Banana, Apple or Strawberry. And finally to spice things up we will need original, cajun, roasted garlic & wasabi horseradish hot sauces.

More absolutely essential: Red and black licorice whips, twists and super ropes. Snagex rainbow extreme rainbow candyweet sour blets.
Hello kitty marshmallow lollipops

For the preelection party make sure you get patriotic stars and stripes chocolate balls
Democratic Donkey lollipopps Republican Elephant llollipops
Blow Pops, Candy Cigarettes, Candy Lipstick, Red Hots, Slap Sticks, Bit-o-Honey, Atomic Fire Balls, Hot Lips Mints, Wax Lips.
Abba Zaba candy bars of thick, chewy taffy filled with creamy peanut butter in the center.

Bring playing cards. We will need them for rainy days.
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