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I work for Starboard in 2009-2010. I was on the Ms Noordam. 10 days cruise the paycheck was about 250-450$. Reason for the difference is that they are many ways to make some extra money. I was a Promotion Specialist (+jewellery and watches) on board, so I made 100$/cruise just from Inch of gold commission, ad to that about 50$ for working in Half Moon Cay, shop run by Starboard onland.
The total cost to go for the first time was over 2500$. During the 6 months that I work for them I mange to save about 3000$. I can tell you from now if you are not planning a long time for the shops, to go up in the company money will be a issue. From the Manager position the money become much better. We talk about 1000$/cruise.
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