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Default Re-establishing scheduled trans-atlantic service

Now I've never been to Europe either by this ship or plane. But from what I read, the cost of airfare is going through the roof and it appears to me in some cases, as to at least be getting close to cruising to Europe.

I've a collection of websites devoted to trans atlantic service that for all practicable purposes, ended in the early sixties with the jet liner.

On their return to Europe to live, my brother and sister in law found it cheaper to take a reposition cruise than it was to fly. The cruise was about eight or nine days if I remember correctly.

Why then, don't some of the cruise lines do a scheduled service (say once or twice a month) between the US and at least southern Europe. Instead of leisurely making the route, go direct and do it in say about four days. To my way of thinking, it would appear such a tact would be competitive with a lot of airline service, especially if whomever was travelling was intending to spend at least couple of weeks or so at their European destinations. And even if the cost of sailing would be a bit more, think of the benefits of relaxation and the money the cruise line would make from casinos and other attractions?

The costs to the cruiseline would be much less because the people would be aboard for a much shorter period of time.

Does this sound reasonable or am I out of my gourd.

In closing, for those who are most familiar with today's travelling prices, don't you think that something such as weekly service would be competitive with today's airline prices?
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