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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
I would leave your passport in the cabin safe and just bring a copy of it and or a drivers license...Depending on the excursion, you can always bring along a ship beach towel if you will be swimming/snorkeling, etc. Just be sure to return the towel when you return to the ship, otherwise, they will charge you for the cost of the towel..
Good advice about the passport. I always tell people to make a few copies of their passport; leave one at home with someone just in case you need to have it faxed somewhere and bring a couple of copies with you. But leave the passport in the safe and bring one copy with you into port.

But while you're making copies, scan your passports into a GIF or JPEG file and then email them to yourself. That way if you get stuck, all you need is a computer and a printer so you can print a copy of the picture.

I also suggest scanning all your credit cards as you don't want to carry copies of those, but having them in your email can be invaluable. And when you're creating the email, don't forget to put all the credit card contact phone numbers in the email to yourself.

But you can do the same thing to all important documents, such as your health insurance card.

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