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Boy, that is a true bummer, Judy and boy is Keith lucky. Hope he remains okay although I'm sure he'll be feeling the effects either later today or in the morning.

Speaking of recorded messages, I'll be so glad when November gets here. It's got to the point that for the first time, I'm actually trying to determine whose calling before I answer. To make matters even worse, it sure appears they've stopped enforcing that "Don't call" law. I have it both at home and on my cell and I still keep getting them from businesses with which I've never dealt. Contrary to popular belief of many, it doesn't need to be periodically renewed but I might try that anyway. Also more people should send in phone numbers of violators. Non profits and of course politicos are exempt.

It was supposed to be rainy today but even now though it's become very cloudy, it was a gorgeous day. Ran some errands today in my rental car (mine is in the shop getting the bumper replaced (Wal-Mart parking lot, of course and of course whomever hit it left a note to get in touch ) and maybe it's age, but I swear, it's truly all I can do just to get into and out of the Ford Focus they gave me. As a matter of fact that goes for most of today's cars. I know I'm getting old but even so, is it just me or does anyone else consistently have that problem? Even though it's probably no larger, I don't have half the problem (although it certainly isn't easy) getting into or out of DeAnna's BMW. Guess it's just one of the vagaries of getting old.

Hope everyone East of the Mississippi had a great day and those to the West are having a good one.

Of course prayers and best wishes continue for those on the list (no, I haven't forgot).
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