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Default Scam Plainview long island NY

Hello --

Ran across this site and thread after receiving a card in the mail for free tickets to anywhere in the continental US -- plus three nights hotel and a 100 priceline card for viewing a 75 minute presentation about travel deals.

My radar popped up indicating "scam", but my wife insisted on going to check it out, so I called the number to make a reservation.

Speaking with the rep, he assured me this presentation was not a TS or anything like that, and he reaffirmed the perks for just attending the seminar. AS with other posters to this thread, he told me that no other company info was available for him to give out and that he could not provide me with a company website.

Today we went to the seminar. The details of the scam has changed a little from what other posters are reporting, but the basic story is the same. Today's company was called "Sea Breeze Travel" based out of San Diego with offices throughout the Southwest. Sea Breeze claims to send you and your family, on one week vacations four per year for the rest of your life at steep discounts to rack rates -- eg five star 2 bedroom suite hotel room for seven days including airfare to Hawaii for 1700 (for two! -- rack rate over eight grand!). Asked how they do it for so cheap, the presenter told us that they make it up on volume and eliminating the middleman. --- yeah ok ... the more you sell the more you lose.

Anyway, the presenter finished his pitch about the price of this travel discount - $11900, but if you agree to sign up right now they give you the "Platinum Package" for $9000 , and immediately my salesman Butch came to my wife and I with paperwork in hand.

"You ready to sign," Butch asked excitedly?

"Um ... no - how about some company information

I asked him for some company info as any sane person would do before forking over a check for nine grand --- needless to say we were shuffled out the door with our, now as I know, bogus airfare and hotel vouchers.

Be on your toes if you plan on going to Plainview, Long Island NY tonight or this weekend for the "Travel seminar".
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