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Well I finally made it to the Caribbean earlier this year - and don't shoot me I was not impressed. Honestly it was not worth the flight time

I did manage to see a couple of places I have always wanted to see but so pleased I was not spending 1 week on any island - I am beginning to think I may be jaded from travelling too much or maybe there was just too much tat.

Havana has always been on my list and an enforced change to my winter travel plans may result in me spending 2 weeks there in Nov - 1 week Havana/ 1 week on the beach chlling.

I have heard so many mixed reviews on the island - I wonder if I would get bored. The flight time from the UK means I would probably spend at least 2 weeks there.

I do agree that this embargo of Cuba is so divisive - who benefits ? The Bay of Pigs etc was a lifetime ago. (Sorry I don't mean to get political)

BTW just curiosity - if there is no embargo on US citizens visiting Vietnam, why the continued embargo on Cuba??

I will visit Argentina next year.

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