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Originally Posted by aerospace View Post
I'm always confused as to who would be liable. For instance I'm thinking of hiking to everest and they warn you it is common for delays out of Kathmandu due to weather. Three days later I'm planning on doing a cruise out of rome which I got insurance for through the cruiseline when I booked.

If I miss the departure and need to catch the ship would the insurance pay as it was a weather delay getting me there? Or do I need a separate policy for the flight because it's the one getting delayed?
First, in this situation I would never have suggested purchasing insurance through the cruise line. This is why it's so much better to book with a travel agent that booking directly with the cruise line.

As for whether or not it would be covered, it depends on the cruise line and the insurance you purchased.

But this is exactly one of those things where you need to discuss it directly with the insurance company as no one here can give you a definitive answer about it. Calling the cruise line will not get you the appropriate answer, so don't even go there as they are not insurance experts.

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