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Originally Posted by sewerworker View Post
I've been on 4 cruises, 2 with friends, and 2 by myself. The 2 by myself were on Carnival, and I would never do that again. Carnival is to cruising, as Circus Circus is to Las Vegas. Yes, you're on a ship, but it feels cheap and not that relaxing compared to all the other cruise lines out there. To be fair, I went when school was out, so it was 99% families (married couples with children), then me. Seriously, I asked to sit at a table with singles, and I was the only single person on the whole ship!

This time, I am giving a "gay group" cruise a try. It is a normal cruise, but a gay travel agency is booking a bunch of rooms and coordinating events. With an interior room, the price by yourself is not that expensive. I booked an 11-day cruise on Celebrity, with Pied Piper Travel (who does a gay croup cruise almost every week). Good luck!
Of course if you pay to stay at the Bellagio you will have a different experience than staying at Circus Circus. Are you supposed to not go to Vegas if you are not willing to pay $300+ a night? The answer seems obvious....

And yes... if you go on a short cruise during Spring Break, expect to be surrounded by drunken college students. Or during school vacations, then you will sail with more school-age kids. Again... obvious.

One step further... if you go to the Carribbean you will have more active, and perhaps younger passengers interested in outdoor sport activities. And if you go on a cold weather cruise, say Alaska, you will have fewer people interested in the rock wall, and more interested in scenery and ecology.

That is not something to fault the cruise line for providing a product people desire. If you look for value, then Carnival provides great value. I am a gay cruiser and I love Carnival. Sure, I could pay more and get more... or pay more and cruise less often. I make my choice and don't blame Carnival for kids being on the ship in July.

There certainly are options if I choose to pay $200 a day or more for my cruise. Those ships also sail full every day... but so does Carnival for better value. So please, enough with the (perhaps unintended) classist comments.
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