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Hi all, a sunny, 60's day in NW Ohio. RD the picture is beautiful! Mike M, mehawk and ready2gonow all see to have a quiet day on tap! DougR is living the fast life! I am in with the slows and quiets today, also!

DH is leaving early for work. So I will have a quiet, alone evening with the dogs. Holly, our younger dog, got to visit the vet yesterday. She has been sending back her food after hours of holding it. I was afraid of a blockage somewhere. However, after xrays, does not appear to have any. So, treating for acid reflux (who knew dogs could get that!) and other routine treatments and we shall see. She did keep down last night's supper and appears a bit more perky (however, she seemed okay even though she was getting sick nightly!?!)

Hope all have a good day and week!
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