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Expectation its a great thing, and that expectation says that on this small space called a ship that all of the people of the world that the TA's and the line have placed together for this number of day's are gonna have a great time together,,,,not, no way, it aint gonna happen, accept that before you book. There will be people from months old, to 100 years old, all with an expectation of the next x days on this ship that they want to meet. They have an expectation of this vacation, so do you, accept there will be differences , if you dont, dont cruise as it aint a like minded club with a rule book. As for people you meet, hug the one you love, ignore the ones you dont as you I or the line aint gonna make them one you want to hug.

You will never change people presented to you in life so why gripe, experiencing people crusiing is no different than seeing them all everyday in the mall, some you talk to,,,, some you give a wide berth. Paying for the experience or not, a ship is no different than a mall and who turns up that day, you take your chance

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