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This is why I always look at the deck plan to make I know what's above, below, besides, and across the hall from a cabin. There's nothing worse than being in a cabin with alot of noise from above. Having been below the Lido Deck a couple of times, I refuse to book a client on that deck unless they insist, but then not without alot of warning. We were on a two week cruise and I finally measured to see what was above us and wouldn't you know it, there was a wooden floor with a sign saying, "Fat ladies in high heels, please stop and tap dance here." I swear I was about ready to take a shotgun and do some skeet shooting!!

We were also below a galley one time and it sucked that at 5:00am every morning they dropped a huge pot on the floor just to irritate us!

But then again, having a cabin above ours is no guarantee of peace and quiet. We've had people above us that I could have sworn spent the whole night rearranging the furniture! Either that or there was nothing in the room and they were instructors with Arthur Murray's dance school practicing the latest routines!

But definitely stay away from being under the pool area, a restaurant, a galley, any area with a hard floor, a restroom, etc, etc.

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