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Contrary to popular belief I am still alive.

Had to have my meds gone over yesterday, especially what I was going to do vis-a-vis pain meds. I was on the lowest dose Lortab 5's (5mg Hydrocodone compounded with 500mg acetominophen) every four hours as needed. The last refill he inadvertently went to every six hours when he hurriedly had to write a refill script last week and I was only getting 30 pills at a clip. My pharmacist suggested that I ask him for an extend number. I have come to the realization what everyone has been telling me and that is that I'll be on them the rest of my life and it makes me madder than you know where to understand at some point I'll be addicted even though I don't abuse the meds. He knows that too of course and immediately wrote out another script and still misunderstood because I didn't look at the script, just handed it in and I received in return 90 tabs. As another physician so aptly pointed out, I still beats being in constant pain. I'll just be glad to get out of that back brace. Having prior experience to add to the present I assure you, they get old really really quickly!

I finally get my Mazda CX-7 back tomorrow. I could had waited and taken it today but I went to a meeting and overextended and so (and Mike M especially can appreciate this) just ached tremendously. So I just paid the freight and will pick it up sometime in the morning.

Well we're halfway through an even short work week and it will be party time before you know it, so proceed through the rest of the week with a cheerful countenance.
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