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Default Dinner Dress Questions

We'll be going on our first cruise next month (if next month ever gets here!) - Summit to Alaska - and have some questions about appropriate evening wear. Would appreciate any help/advice from experienced cruisers, particularly anyone who has sailed Celebrity M-class ships to Alaska.

I think we're ok with regard to the formal and casual dress, but we're not sure about the "informal" nights. On the one hand, we've heard that Celebrity tends to be a bit dressier than other lines (one of the reasons we chose it). On the other, we're hearing that Alaska cruises tend to be more casual than other destinations.

1) What would be examples of informal dress? Would it be along the lines of what you'd wear to a wedding, or is that too fancy?

2) Would a nice pant suit be appropriate informal wear for a woman, or should slacks be reserved strictly for the casual nights?

3) Right now, we're feeling like we need to pack half our closet for this trip. Not a problem, except for the airline weight limitations on baggage. :-) Would it be a faux paux (sp?) to wear the same thing to dinner two nights? (E.g., wear the same formal outfit to both formal nights and the same informal outfit to the informal nights?)

We love dressing up and would like to take separate outfits for each night, but we're just not sure there will be enough room in our suitcases.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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