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I am on the side of some others in this thread. If they enclose the balconies and put the outside deck railings so high that no one can get over them, I will no longer cruise.

I take a cruise to be on a ship and being able to feel the sea breeze and smell the air is probably the number one reason. I'll take land vacations and stay in hotels if that is what it's coming to.

I don't book inside cabins and an enclosed balcony would be the same thing.

If they use the same type of "plexiglass" to enclose the balcony can you imagine how dirty they would be. Even with weekly cleaning the glass on the lower part of the railing is usually filthy with salt stains and often you can't see out of it. Imagine looking out at the sea through this. Sorry:

If someone wants to REALLY kill themselves they will. There are plenty of opportunities outside of a cruise. Bridges, cars, traffic, guns, drugs, electricity and on and on and on.

Maybe they'll just put up barbed wire and broken glass on the railings to keep people off.

Sorry: The railings are high enough.

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