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" Raising the bar " isn't going to solve anything with regards to people doing themselves in. You can completely enclose the ships to where they are nothing but a floating cocoon and if someone is intent on committing suicide, they'll still do it. Jump from an inside floor to the foyer below, slip a steak knife from the dining room and slit their own, or someone else's throat--hang themselves, stick a coat hanger in an electric outlet, while holding it, o.d. on medications, ( lie down on the floor in front of the crowd trying to rush aboard or especially at last morning debarkation would be a sure-fire way to get the job done ! ) I could go on and on--like the old song about how many ways to leave your lover by Paul Simon, ---
The list is endless. Raising the balcony railings a foot or two will not deter someone who is hell bent on climbing on them , whether it be to jump or to be stupid and play around. If a person has to climb 2 feet further up to jump, then how in the heck is that going to keep them from jumping.
No doubt, some of these people that go overboard do it purposely but I can't help but feel that a good part of these " over-boarders" are nothing more that people who have had too much to drink and are acting very stupidly in a very deadly game.
If the cruise lines start to enclose the ships more than they already have, then my cruising days are in the past.
If the lawyers want a new hole to mine for gold in, then start suing the people who cause wrecks while driving and using their cells--and then also sue the cell phone companies for not having warning labels that celling and texting while driving may be dangerous to you health. That's an un-tapped gold mine !
Bottom line, you cannot protect people from themselves. Leave the ships alone-- with the millions of people who cruise in a years time and the very, very few incidents that happen, there's dozens of other things re/ safety that should be addressed, such as drunk drivers, which kill more people in a day that who die on cruise ships in several years.
I'm not hard -hearted but if there's a nut case that can't control his alcohol and gets drunk, climbs up on the railing and falls overboard, then if he ( or she ) is that type person, I'd rather they go overboard from a ship where they only take themselves out than to have them drunk and out of control on the roadways and maybe take out a whole family in an auto wreck.
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