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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
OK - it seems pretty obvious that the people here do not feel any responsibility for the people who go overboard.

But I really wonder if you would quit cruising if the cruise lines found an aesthetic way to make the ships safe in a very non-intrusive way.

I personally would not stand for looking through glass either, but I can envision a set of very thin bars set at 8-inches apart, painted black (or some less obvious color). I do not think that would change the aesthetics that much.
You are right. I don't feel any responsibility for someone, I don't know, committing suicide from a ship or anywhere else. I feel bad for them and their families but I do not feel responsible.

I know that someone who wants to end their life is mentally ill and I personally know people who have tried and those who have succeeded in committing suicide. There is little you can do, short of commitment, to stop someone who wants to take their life. Even then, you have to KNOW they are a danger to themselves or others. That's hard to determine unless they come right out and tell you.

Yes: I would stop cruising if the balconies were enclosed in plexiglass or bars.

I have no desire to live in a house with bars on the windows. That's a major reason I live where I do. I have even less desire to cruise on San Quentin of the Seas.

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