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Did the same as Dave, bought 100 shares in 2008 @ $8 and received $1150 in OBC for past & upcoming cruises. Still have the shares valued today @ $2956, was over $5000 late last year.

Waited for Carnival price to collapse in 2008, but did not get as low as RCL. Only buy if the price crashes again. Most cruiselines offer advance cruise certificates for $100pp, which is about as good as shareholders credit. The advance certificates are deposits for your next cruise and includes an OBC similar to the shareholders OBC. The 2 types of credit are not combinable. So at today’s cost for 100 shares at ~$3000 is not worth buying if only for the OBC.

From Paul’s post for Carnival, it appears RCL has less of a hassle. I recently emailed RCL w/attachment of the page from my latest brokers statement showing the shares. 3 days later received email confirming my credit. I never had to reconfirm owning the shares. The RCL OBC can be used for gratuities and have been used for money bought at the cashier’s cage in the casino. I do take a copy of the confirmation w/me, but never had to show it.

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