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Welcome Frank from here in upper East Tennessee and I think I write for all when I state I'm looking forward to your impressions of the cruising experience. Warning! Frequent visitors to this website will not only get you hooked on the site but as time passes the people (especially our regulars to this particular thread) will become like Family and will do everything possible to help you vis-a-vis where to stay prior to the cruise as well as best bang for your buck. There will be someone in this community who has sailed on whatever ship or line you sail.

Oh, and unlike some other websites our evaluations and answers to your question are never made to steer you to a particular ship or line unless you request such info and then you'll get all the opinion you want.

Just check the morning post if you wish and I truly mean it that in no time you'll be part of our unique family. The support afforded me when my wife died unexpectedly as we all figured she had about four years left (cancer), I don't know what I would have done without this family and that is what it is........FAMILY!

Welcome aboard, Frank!
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