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Originally Posted by seadog2 View Post
I also noticed that with RCI on Tuesdays there is usually a price change. Sometimes the price goes up and sometimes it goes down. I was able to catch the price below what I booked my cruise for. I called RCI and received a $400 ($200 per ticket) refund back to my credit card. I also noticed that "sometimes" but not always there is a price change on Saturdays too but more so on Tuesdays.
While Tuesdays are a good day for deals, it can be any day of the week. For example, today RCCL started a new deal. So check your rates. But this is also where it pays to use an agent; the public could not book this until today - we were able to book it yesterday. Also, after final payment has been made they won't offer any changes, but an agent often has tricks where they can get something for you.

As for you getting a refund back to your credit card, I'm assuming you made total payment before your final payment due date, which is not necessarily a good idea most of the time for a number of reasons. But still glad you got the discount.

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