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Originally Posted by robert59 View Post
More info. the price has dropped to $819 and may go down again by 2nd week of Nov. Gets in FT Lauderdale Dec. 16tth. Has some great excursions at Panama if you are into nature.
hey robert: taxes are like $300 - 400 (for canal passage) on top of cruise price. i'll tell'ya upfront, i've got a dog [rex] who comes with me. i'll shoulder the extra charges for him if there are any, but i wanted to be straight with you--'cuz a dog might be a deal-breaker for some folks.

to your questions: i'm stationed in california (long beach) and nope, i never been on a cruise before--but i'd like to take several in the next year. it would be good to find a bud for trips and cutting out the singles' supplements + kinda show me the ropes (or not, if you're only lookin to share a rack & head. straight & white here, considerate non-smoker--i don't drink unless it's free; even then, i'm a lightweight.

anyhow, let me know if rex the dog is a deal breaker--if not, you/me can go from there. seems like there are a lot of good deals. i have good flexibility with time/location -- but like to keep my total daily expenses down if possible. don't know if this pc cruise would work, because (until my civilian passport comes--mid/late november) i need to go in/out of the same u.s port (r/t san diego; r/t ft lauderdale, etc) but after my pp comes, i can go anywhere, that i can pay for.

you been on a cruise before? how does having a vacation home in mexico work out for you? close to the water, etc. name's chandler.

ps: if you wanna hit me direct (without going through the message board) e-dress is



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