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Originally Posted by seadog2 View Post
cruise planner, no you're not being nosy. I made my final payment before my due date simply because I had the money at the time. I charged the cruise to my card (to get the points) then I turn right around and make the payment to the card. What are the advantages of waiting to pay your cruise off before the due date. I have done both, waited and paid it in full.
The major reason for not paying the final payment before it's due is the interest you lose on your money. For me, I'll make deposits in a savings account and then when the final payment is due, I'll charge it to my credit card to get the points, then immediately pay the card off via electronic transfer from my savings account. I make a few extra dollars in interest and I don't allow the cruise line to use my money for free.

Second, some cruise lines are more willing than others to allow us to get a lower rate for those who have not made their payment in full when a special is advertised 'for new bookings only' when it's offered before the final payment due date.

Just some tricks of the trade.

But you should always use an agent if for no other reason that to assist should any problems arise. You'll pay the same and reputable agents will not charge any booking, change, or cancellation fees, so it makes sense to utilize their expertise. But if any problems occur, an agent has contacts not available to the average passenger, which can be invaluable.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm not one to give my money to someone before it's time. I never know when something might happen and I need that money for an emergency right away. I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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