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Just for the record - I consider you to be a very valuable contributor to our site and I am very grateful you are here.

I do not see you as "marketing" - the fact that you are a travel agent is information that helps people weigh the information you provide - so telling people you are a travel agent is not a violation of any rules here.

The only thing we do not allow is outright solicitation of direct business through our boards. We have seen travel agents come on here with nothing more than links to their websites as answers to questions here.

You certainly provide plenty of information within our boards - and that is what we want and care about.

Now - is rebating "bad?" - not technically, considering the customer gets a better deal. But I also recall a cruise agent that was well-known about five years ago that specifically only charged a $50 FEE to book any cruise - BUT they did not allow any phone calls ever (you booked by email), or changes to your reservation once you made it.

I forget what they were called, but they are not around any more.

Now - another thing to know is that Pete is a part of CruisePlanners, which is a very big consortium of cruise agents, so they generally get good group rates and a high commission on most sailings, so they can compete with the best of them.

The whole practice of cruise rebating was started by a guy whose name I forget, but he created the idea and used to refer to himself as the "master-rebator"
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