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Good information here. Just to clarify a couple of my points, first off, I wasn't implying that the airlines pay commissions. i was simply referring to how they are manipulating their fares and then breaking out features of service that used to be included in the fare and charging for them seperately. And that would apply to however you buy your ticket. And as far as the benefits of the rebate, I do fully agree that there are a lot places out there that sell cheap, regardless of how they do it and once they have your money, leave you hanging out there. Louy service for sure. I was speaking, probably, from my own experience with an agency that is indeed, full service, but also discounts pretty good sometimes. I do think they are taking a hit on the commission, but that is just my theory. They do a big volume with a certain cruise line and as a result, seem to always have better pricing for a given cruise on that line than almost any other agency I have checked. How they actually work it out, I don't know. But they are very good and very helpful after the sale as well. But after reading some of these posts, I do have to wonder if it really should just be a consumer market with all this. If you need the services of a full service agent, then by all means, use that. My agent is great and discounts. I myself would be very leery of those deep discount ticket mills that don't help you at all. But, being in the airline business, I can tell you that there are plenty of people who buy based on price alone and could care less about anything else. If something goes wrong they will of course scream like mad about not getting any help, but when they make the decision to buy, at that moment, they don't care. I guess that's the market today.
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