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Default disney wonder...

hey eva. chandler here. i been thinking about a disney cruise--not because i'm a kid, but because i hear they're high quality cruises--without all the tuxedos n'stuff. also, great chow, large cabins, plenty for the non-kids (grownups) to do too--and the dates work out well for me. seems like all the "good value" cruises go out of ports other than los angeles, which is close to where i'm stationed.

this would also be my first cruise--and i didn't think another grownup would want to share a cabin--so i was kinda resolved to pay 200% and go solo. so if you're up for sharing space (we'll want to talk first of course--discuss mutual expecations, etc) but i don't smoke at all or drink (much) i'm not a partier and i've got regular sleep patterns, don't snore, am respectful, etc. i have a dog but you wouldn't even know he was there.

i saw the $85/night deal, but i think it's gone. anyhow, that [11/25 sailing] is during the week kids will be out for thanksgiving break=disney crazy!. there's another one (same cruise) departs on 2 december (the next week). still 67% off $898 for a balcony stateroom--even more space, split, living room/bedroom and split toillet/sink and toilet tub/shower + a seperate balcony ... and it only a couple dollars more than an inside cabin. it has a queen sized bed but they can be split into 2 twins.

the balcony stateroom is much more well suited for two [virtual] strangers sharing a cabin for reduce expenses. let me know what you think!


vr/chandler. if you'd rather communicate via private messages.

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