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One of the things I forgot to say about cruise lines being big business and looking after themselves and not the consumer, here's an example of why I say that;

Up until a couple of years ago, if the price of a cruise went down, we were able to get the reduced rate even after final payment had been made and even up until the day before the cruise. This was a very consumer friendly policy.

Now, the policies have changed and if the price of the cruise goes down after final payment has been made, the cruise lines will no longer honor the price drop. Some will allow us to get upgrades or onboard credit, but they no longer adjust the price and refund the money like they use to. Now it's a very consumer un-friendly policy.

Case in point; there have been several situations over the last year where a client's final payment was due on one day and the very next day, the prices dropped. (Keep in mind that the final payment due date is the same for everyone on that particular sailing.) So the cruise lines are now waiting until after final payment due date to lower the price instead of lowering before the due date. Definitely not in the best interest of the consumer.

As I stated, big business looks after big business and not the consumer. This is why I always try to do business with small businesses whenever possible. Yes, I may pay a bit more, but I also know I'm supporting a local small business that appreciates me as a customer and doesn't treat me like just another number.

But then again, some people love listening to the voice recording; press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish, press 3 if you just want us to hang up on you for no reason after you've waited on hold for 30 minutes.

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