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Default First time cruiser

Ok.... I am a first time cruiser. I have been researching the heck out of everything. I think I have a handle on everything. However.......

1) We will be cruising from Oct 29th to Nov 2nd. We are in port (Cozumel) on Halloween until 10pm. I have 3 kids. They are all whining about not celebrating. Does Carnival do anything for Halloween?

2) I have a 3 yr old that is Autistic. She is super sensitive. For the muster drill what should I expect? I have read that there are alarms :-/

3) What documents do I need to print? I have our boarding passes, and luggage tags. Do I print the camp stuff for the kids?

4) What do I expect for the boarding process? Like step by step. I also have a 9 year old that has Aspergers. So I need to totally prep her for anything that may happen.

5) As far as motion sickness.... I have read a lot of differing info. Do you really feel like the ship is rocking? If my 3 yr old gets motion sickness should I just keep her on a steady diet of dramamine (Which is ok for kids)

6) We do not have passports. So when we get to cozumel do we need to take our birth certificates with us when we get off the ship?

7) Is the air conditioning in the cabin controllable?

8) Is the soda card really necessary?

9) Is there a lot to do that you dont have to pay for onboard?

10) Is there a good guide out there? Like cruising for dummies? lol. I have watched a million youtube videos, read all kinds of stuff online, stalked the facebook pages..... I think I have a good grasp of everything. However..... As I mentioned I have 2 kiddos with special needs. I need to be more prepared than a general entering battle!

Thank you for the help in advance. And if anyone has any advice I welcome it with open arms!