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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

I have to especially thank you for the Ginger suggestion. I really didnt want to have to keep giving her Dramamine since that makes her super sleepy. And I would much rather something natural be used anyway.

So as far as the soda goes.... My kids generally are not allowed to drink soda anyway. The get soda on holidays and birthdays, haha. So I think I will skip that as long as there are plenty of other options. I saw that there is water, juice, tea and coffee.... What about milk? My family goes through about a gallon a day.

When we get to Cozumel I want to take my 14 year old to swim with the dolphins. However my 9 yr old and 3 yr old will not be able to do that. Actually my 9 year old does not even want to get off the ship (she saw something on the news about kidnappings and shootings in Mexico and now believes that we are all going to get shot or kidnapped ) So will she be allowed to stay in camp if my husband and I are not on the boat?