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I'll always remember Pam and Andy best for when they came to a party at our house and spent the evening out on the deck with us and many of our other friends. We had a ball. And after a conversation with one of our friends, Andy said to me, "She's a shrink, isn't she?" Yes, she was, and still is. Very funny.

Pam and I talked occasionally, e-mailed a lot. Most of our e-mails in both directions would have been censored had we tried to post them here, but we sure had fun. We chided each other, kidded each other, solved the world's problems, argued, empathized and sympathized. We were both writers, of course, so it came naturally. I wish I still had them (they would probably fill a binder--oh, no, not a binder!). At one point Andy read some of them and said, "These aren't e-mails, they're salons." He was speaking in the classical sense of the word. I always remembered that.

I was touched when Pam asked me to do a first read of the manuscript for her book. I still have that, along with my wise-guy markups and her equally wise-guy responses to the markups. When the book came out I laughed that she had incorporated just about everything I had noted. By then, she was almost gone.

And now, Andy is too. I'm so sorry. They were both the best.
The most dangerous man in society is the man who has nothing left to lose. -- Saul Bellow
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