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So ok here is an update. First of all, i can tell you that no one knows what they are doing over there!! But after getting pretty angry and using terms like better business bureau, I finally got to speak to a supervisor. He said that the missing 50 dollar certificate was not applied to onboard credit, where it went no one seems to know. It finally got straightened out after over 2 hours on the phone and 7 calls, just crazy!!

I asked for some compensation and they could not do onboard comp, (don't believe it) but offered a bottle of wine for my room. I was so beat down from all the calls i just took it.

Now a funny side note. I get it all resolved and about a half hour later drive to my parents to see my mom. She had an emergency appendectomy last weekend. I am about to leave and she hands me a 100 dollar gift certificate from my parents for the cruise! OMG!!!! So i laugh and explain the story, of course she feels bad. So i immediately call to register the GC and was told it was now 9 days out and they have to be redeemed greater than 10 days out (which would have happened but my mom was in the hospital). I put on my exasperated voice and BEG them to get it applied to my account.

I called yesterday and they said it had been applied (whew) BUT.......ready for this........ when they sent the email confirmation with all of the GC's, the 50 dollar one is missing again! Just shoot me

I needed a day to not have to deal with them so i probably will call tomorrow. All in all folks, this is a terrible program i would not advise anyone to purchase them. It is a bigger headache then they are worth and God only knows once on board if they will really be there. After the cruise, I might address it again with somebody at RC just so they know how bad it really is.

So off i go to fight for another 50 dollars that is mine. But the good news is a week from today by this time, I will be sailing on the Oasis. All is good. Thanks for listening.

Coral Princess
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