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Angry Free cruse scam

I received postcard and went to the presentation where they gave me certificate for free cruse. I had to send 2 times $99 cashir check before anything else. After that I got stuf in the mail that I needed to fill out and send back. I needed to pick 3 dates and first date needed to be in the future no sooner than 90 days and no latter than 120 days. 3 dates needed to have 30 days in beetween. because my 3 dates were not 30 days apart they send me letter to cancel my cruse and they will keep my $99. x 2.
I am very upset because I did not see it coming. They made me jump thru the hups and they scam me of my money on the end.
I do not want to go to their cruse anymore....I would like to get my money back. Is it way that I can get my money back. I will report them to the better business biro ... I guess...but is it anything else I can do.
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