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Once a month on my ship we stop somebody with a loaded handgun in his suitcase or carryon bag.
The story is always the same. He claims that he carried it through one or two airports on the way to the ship, and feels it unfair that we are taking it away. The claim is always that he needs it for personal protection onboard the ship.

Every week, we confiscate charcoal BBQs, cans of charcoal lighter fluid, fishing poles, spear guns, electric heaters, hundreds of steam irons, kites, handcuffs, pepper spray, water pipes, candles, propane torches, swords, hundreds of knives, coffee makers, and blenders.

Why take away the coffee makers and blenders?
Their power draw will trip the breakers on the step-down transformers that convert the ship's standard 220 volt power to 110 for the North Americans.
This not only blacks out your cabin, but the cabins of many of your neighbors - sometimes for several hours.
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