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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
Welcome back Ray,
I have always wondered if a Disney cruise is worth the extra money, even if you cruise without kids?
That's a very loaded question!

We really enjoyed our Disney cruise. The ship was very nice, the crew was wonderful, plenty of interaction with the characters, and the private island is excellent. Best of all is that their shows are awesome! There's plenty of space for adults only, both on the ship and the private island. Overall, we had a wonderful time and would do it again.

And now you're waiting for the 'but'.

BUT, the one main disappointing factor was the food. For the price we paid, we thought the food should have been better. Then again, Disney is not known for their food. Palo's was good and we should have eaten there a couple more times. We liked that we changed the dining rooms each night and while the food was not bad, it was not that good.

Not that a pizza is any indication on how good the food is in the main dining room, but this is indicative of what we encountered.

I'm a pizza connoisseur, so I love a good pizza and am always on the hunt for a good one. I try them on every ship. So, I went up to the pizza place and tried a piece. Not good. I then saw someone order a pizza, so I figured I'd try that. I told them I wanted a bit more sauce, a little less cheese, and more pepperoni. He reached in to get a crust and found he was out. So he went back into the kitchen and came out with what I could best describe as a stack of Boboli pizza crusts without the wrappers. I asked about them and was told they don't make their own pizza crusts! He threw one down on the counter and made my pizza as I ordered. When it was done and I tried a piece, it was as disappointing as the other piece I had.

As for whether Disney is worth the price, while overall we found the cruise to be very good, personally we felt it was overpriced when you compare it against other cruises. There are times when the price is double what others are and for us, we'd rather do two cruises on another cruise line.

Of course, with that said, in another year or two, we'll probably bite the bullet so we can take our grandson on a Disney cruise, because after all, it is The Happiest Place on Earth and there's nothing like Disney to bring out the kid in all of us. It's tough to put a price on that.

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