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Day Four--Tuesday--Grand Cayman
Pirate Night Deck Party It’s a warm and beautiful day. We arrived at Grand Cayman and anchored off Spott’s Bay not the usual downtown Georgetown location. We have decided to stay on board and enjoy the ship since we have been here many times. DW had room service breakfast and I went to Lumiere’s for my first proper breakfast of Eggs Benedict, bacon, hash browns, etc., it was the best breakfast of the cruise so far. After breakfast it was up to Quiet Cove the adult only area to swim and relax. They have a large pool, two hot tubs, Signals Bar, padded loungers, tables, and a small cafe: The Cove. They also have entertainment in the afternoon and evenings, a very nice touch. The three beers on tap at Signals bar: Shiner Bock, Longboard Island Lager, and Bud Light. Everyone knows about Shiner Bock a great Texas beer, but the Longboard, a Hawaiian beer is very good as well. We had lunch in Topsiders and it was again very good. They had Crab Legs, Sirloin Steak on the carving station, Lobster Rolls, and much more. A really amazing selection for lunch. For dessert they has a make your own Sundae station. After lunch we returned to the Quiet Cove area. It’s really busier than I thought it would be as many cast members were also enjoying the pool and great weather. Interesting seeing them and speculating on who is which particular Princess, Prince Charming, Pirate, or Disney character. We sailed from Grand Cayman about 4:30 and we enjoyed our day on ship. We returned to the cabin to get ready for the 6:15 show featuring David McWilliams or Magic Dave. He had an interesting show, very family oriented as he used children in the act. After the show we went to Sessions for piano music and a couple of Side Car cocktails. Tonight is Pirate Night on the ship and many guests and most of the crew are dressed in pirate gear this evening. Dinner tonight was back in Lumiere’s. The wait staff is dressed as pirates and there were Pirate scarves for the guests as well as a Pirate Caribbean menu. They again had Hearts of Palm for me and I ordered a wonderful Pirates Golden ‘Pot Sticker’ (a dumpling stuffed with pork) and a Castaway Chicken Breast in light jerk sauce. After dinner we went on deck for the big Pirate Deck Party. They had entertainers and Disney Characters dressed as pirates dancing. Also some new characters: Smee and Captain Hook made an appearance. The highlight was pirate Mickey sailing down, by zip line, from the top of the stack to the stage on lido deck followed by fireworks. Very impressive and the first time I have seen fireworks from a cruise ship. The night was not over though as we went to the Buena Vista theater to watch Finding Nemo in 3D. It was almost 1:00 am by the time we got back to the cabin...a very long and enjoyable day.

Day Five--Wednesday--Costa Maya, Mexico
Mahahual, Mexico - 100% Agave Nice weather and a good nights sleep. We are heading towards Costa Maya with a noon arrival scheduled. We both had room service for breakfast this morning then went up to Quiet Cove for a swim. We are enjoying the adult area very much. We had an early lunch at Topsiders and it’s Tex-Mex day. If you know how to do the right combinations of the Tex-Mex items on the buffet you can have a very nice meal. The steak tortillas (I would call them Tacos al Carbon) were very good if you added Pico de Gallo and the Pulled Pork was great especially if rolled in a tortilla. The guacamole, etc. was just OK, but we are on a cruise ship and not in Mexico or Texas. We left the ship about 12:30 and took the shuttle to Mahahual. We found Fernando’s 100% Agave and got a nice table and palpa right on the beach. We enjoyed a Sangria Margarita and a Mango Margarita and soon were joined by our new friends so we stayed and made a day of it. We decided on the regular lime Margaritas as the drink of the day and enjoyed alternating swimming with cocktails until 5:00. Beautiful weather, great beach and view, great drinks and snacks, massages, a perfect beach day. We took a taxi back to the ship and straight up to the pool for a quick dip to cool off again. We went to the production show Villains in the Walt Disney Theater at 6:15 and it was a fantastic show featuring the villains from several different Disney shows. Dinner was again very good, The Mushroom Risotto appetizer was the highlight, I ordered the Veal as an entree and the Dessert Sampler (they have a variety platter available each night that has three smaller portions of the evenings desserts). Also my Hearts of Palm were there. After dinner we went back to the cabin to to rest after the busy day.

Day Six--Thursday--Cozumel, Mexico
Disney Dreams cast It was a beautiful, but hot day in Cozumel. We arrived very early, but did not chose to leave the ship early. I had nice a breakfast of Eggs Benedict, et al.. in Luminere’s and DW had her usual room service. We are docked at Puerto Langosta that is walking distance to San Miguel and I walked over about 9:30 so I could be at Antonio’s Barber Shop by 10:00 opening. DW stayed on board to swim in the Quiet Cove pool that she had to herself. After my haircut I went to Woody’s Sports Bar to use their free Wifi and catch up on the internet. Soon the owner, Nelly, came by and saw me and we had a good long visit on the patio. Soon DW came by and we did a little shopping before going by Wet Wendy’s to split a Mango Margarita. We returned to the ship early by 3:00 to swim (it was scheduled to leave by 4:00 anyway...much too early IMHO). We are really enjoying the adult Cove area of the ship. We relaxed and swam well beyond sail away until we needed to get ready for the evening show. The production show was Disney Dreams that featured a lot of Disney Characters we had not seen as yet. A fantastic show, you really must seem them, the costuming and sets are fantastic. This was the Captains dinner night and the menu was very good. Again my Hearts of Palm were there. I ordered the Oysters Rockefeller, Lobster, a very good Chicken entree and the Dessert Sampler. After dinner we went back to the cabin to watch Disney programming on the TV.

Day Seven--Friday--at Sea

Caption above cabin bed Well this was an interesting day. The plan was to primarily be a movie day as two we wanted to see, Frankenweenie and Brave were being shown in the Buena Vista Theater, then relax in the Cove. It was not to be. After 76 cruises I guess it was our time, but we both contracted the norovirus. It began during the night and it’s not good. I made a trip down to the Medical Center and got medicine, but basically we were in bed for 36 hours. The virus seems to run it’s course in just over 24+ hours, but that put us into the second night. We each had one piece of toast and some crackers for the entire day. A big difference from the previous 6 days, but I lost all the weight that I gained. It’s not uncommon for me to ‘catch’ a bug since I live in an isolated place then get around a big group of people, but this is the first time to get the dreaded cruise norovirus.

We arrived back in Galveston just after 6:00 am well ahead of schedule. We had planned on using the Express Walk-off debarkation, but really had no choice as we were much too weak to pack on Friday. We began packing about 6:45 am in hopes it would begin early and we could beat even the early crowd. I was feeling much better and DW was still weak, but we made it down to the Rockin’D the designated Express Walk-off location about 7:15 and yes they were allowing pax off early. We were through customs about 7:30 am.. We walked to the car, filled with gas at our usual Galveston location ($3.42 gal), and was on the bridge by 8:00 am. We did run into Texas A&M football traffic that delayed us somewhat, but we were back at the ranch at 1:00 pm..
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