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Arrow The Ocean Breeze cost about 40% more than a inside cabin.

Part of the cruise experience is the ocean air, especially if you pay for a balcony.
I find that when your at certain posts of call, the mosquitoes find their way into your cabin.
You always here that little buzzzz when your ready to fall asleep or see one fly in front of the TV while in bed.

They suck, literally

Anyway If you have never booked a cruise with Princess.
I can send you a Princess referral and you will receive $25 discount with any first time booking on a Princess Cruise with any agency you choose.
It's good for 2-years.
You must complete the referral before making your first Booking with Princess, this goes for anybody in your cabin over 18 (2-maximum discounts per cabin).

Bon Voyage
Danny Boy
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