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Hello, I am a happy healthy retired single woman, age 62, widowed almost ten years, former stand-up comic, college administrator, social scientist, writer, editor, seeking someone who can share a two-bedroom or a large balcony suite (if the cruise has many "at sea" days); inside cabin OK (if the cruise is port-intensive); any destination is OK with me. A themed cruise sounds enticing as well. I always wanted to cruise with G. Keillor or Diane R., but never did get around to it. I love to eat and laugh and sing and meet and talk to new people, especially folks from around the world.

I'm entirely through with love (not in a bad just so happens), so I won't be looking for love, romance or magic. It's OK if that's what you want to do. I'll back you up and protect you from the crazies if need be.

Can travel b2b for a two-week trip or longer or shorter, but not any shorter than a 7-day.

I like great bargains and can manage cruising last-minute when the prices plunge, and then bid on Priceline for the airfare. For now, preferred ports are any that are in Florida, because I can combine the cruise with a visit to see my family before or after (Eastern and Southern Carribean locales, Europe to include Rome). But any other port is OK, too. Wouldn't mind a repositioning cruise or transatlantic. Got my eye on inside passage cruise to Alaska, too, out of Seattle if possible, and would also love to return to Hawaii.

Just want to avoid the unseemly prejudicial single supplement and share hotel expenses (at least one night in embarkation port) as well as the costs for the cruise. I like doing my own thing in ports but of course would be willing to do things together, such as share meals and maybe enjoy a show or two together, but I'm mostly a solitary person and I like it that way. I'm neat, clean, considerate, generous, and flexible, not needy or demanding and hope for same in potential travel mates. My leanings are liberal, progressive, open-minded, global, tolerable and charitable.

When you wish to cruise: anytime but Jan-Feb-March
Where you hope to go: anywhere but not western Carib
How long a cruise you want to share: 7+
Your ideal roommate: good sense of humor, goes with the flow, kind, considerate, clean, respectful, generous, self-assured, independent, smart, mannerly, gracious and light of spirit
Personal details about you other people should know: good sense of humor, goes with the flow, kind, considerate, clean, generous, self-assured, independent, smart, mannerly, gracious and light of spirit. I love food, wine, fun, and bargains
Any other details (favorite cruise line, what you expect to spend, etc.): negotiable on both; I'm a huge planner, so if we decide on a cruise in the future (2014 or 2015), it would be my pleasure to look into excursions and research possibilities for us both.

I also think, once we decide you're not mean, nuts or stingy we might Skype so that we can size each other up even more.

Thanks, and I hope all good things come to you, whether our paths cross or not!
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