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Originally Posted by Manuel View Post
Sometimes no crime is commited and an inocent person still does the time.TM
Sadly that's not the case here. Severl warnings were given for breaking the rules, and he chose to ignore them.

Rather he chose to publicly argue the points on our boards.

He received a suspension. Not a lifetime ban (as he tried to say).

There are rules, and they apply to everyone. No one can simply do and say whatever they want on the message boards. No one has any right to come in and tell the site what the rules should be.

You can't attack other posters at will, and you can't argue the rules when you've been told you broke them.

It would be unfortunate if Laker's Fan decided not to return to be a part of this community. But, if so, it simply means he is unwilling to respect our rules of the road. That is his choice to make.
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