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Thanks RD, it's off to do business after while and then go for early voting (if the line isn't too long as it's in town). I don't care how anyone votes but as I'm oft to say, "I'll listen to your complaints but only if you exercise your franchise." Some of the loudest complainers I've known on both sides are those that don't vote because, "I know my vote doesn't count!" We've all heard too many stupid statements in our lives but that's one I never could figure out. To such I only reply, "Just think of the millions and millions of people around this earth that don't even have the right to elect their own government!"

We're supposed to have sunny weather today with a high of 79. Please EVERYONE in the US and Canada (especially you, Rollerdonna) who live on the East Coast, please maintain frequent updates on Hurricane Sandy.

Hope everyone has a marvelous Thursday!
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